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Me and my real man have decided to keep a real life cuckold slave. Some inferior beta wimp for us to bully and humiliate on a daily basis. Someone to take care of all the things we're just too good for. Cleaning up, cooking, laundry. Someone to keep locked up in chastity while we make you watch as my Alpha fucks me. A poor cuckold, made to sleep in a little cage, fed our scraps, dressed in humiliating outfits and kept in metal cuffs while we live in luxury. It'll be a miserable life of submission and service but you'll give everything up to have that life won't you - you'll even give up your wife or girlfriend for it.

I'm going to make you leave her for your new cuckold life. You're going to leave your home, your job, your family and friends just to become me and my man's full-time cuckold servant. Picking up his used condoms, scrubbing our bathroom clean, preparing our breakfast in bed and cleaning his boots will be your new life cuckold. The shame of having your locked-up pee-pee compared to his big Alpha cock, the suffering of your permanent metal bondage, the cruelty of our bullying and the humiliation of being made to wear a sissy uniform for our amusement will take priority over your wife or girlfriend.

Say goodbye to your average life and become the cuckold you were always meant to be. Serving an Alpha couple. You're going to leave her to start your life of servitude to us - me and my real man. That's what you deserve. You deserve to be owned by an Alpha couple and you will exist to make our lives as perfect as can be. You will own nothing, you will have no identity - you won't even have a name - you will become our property - our slave.

Added: 04 Sep 2020
Clip Length: 14m 05s