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You're going to become what I like to call a Pansytute. A pimped-out pansy made to whore her feminized body to earn cash for her owner. You're going to be my street-walking Pansytute - leaning through car windows in your plastic micro-skirt and fuck-me boots, trading your mouth for dollars. It's going to happen sissy. It's going to become your life - you will sell yourself for me. You will suck cock and you will take it in your whore-hole and you will be made to do the most degrading, soul-destroying acts to make money for your Princess. I'll make sure of it sissy. I'll make sure that being a whore is the only option left for you. I'll train you and condition you into being the cheap, fuck-doll that men will want to pay to use and abuse. You won't be the first sissy - I've put many girls like you to work on the streets for me. You will just become one of my girls - gulping down stranger's cum for my profit.

Take a look at my big Pansytute training cock I've strapped on for you sissy. Huge isn't it? Trust me Missy, this cock is nowhere near as big and brutal as some of the ones that will want to fill your ass on the street. You're going to need to be cock-trained which means I'm going to make sure every inch of this cock is going inside you - all of it - all the way to the big silicone balls. I'm going to start by training you how to take a brutal throat-fucking. I'll pinch your pretty sissy nose with this little clamp and slowly fill your mouth with my cock. Face down, gripping your fuck-me-heels as I keep pushing deeper and deeper down your throat - you'll take it all - you'll have no fucking choice! You'll swallow the cock with tears streaming down your cheeks bitch. Gag and wretch as much as you like - the cock won't be coming back out until the balls are touching your chin.

Pansytutes like you will have to work EXTRA hard to compete with all the 'REAL' girls on the street - which means you're going to be selling your ass cheaper than anyone else. Your $5 anal special is gonna make you so popular, so you'd better be properly prepared sissy. I'm gonna train your Pansytute-hole with my XL silicone cock just like I trained your throat. Your tears and drool will be the only lube you'll get before I impale your hole and I'm sure you'll cry and beg and say anything to get me to stop but I just can't do that sissy. Your clients won't be forgiving and so neither can I - you need to be fully ready for your time on the streets as my whore. You'll take your slut-training exactly how I want you to take it so that when I'm done with you, your poor ass stretched and ruined from being punish-fucked for hours, you'll be ready to take real cocks from your paying customers!

Added: 08 Jan 2021
Clip Length: 16m 06s