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Straight Guys Don't Sissygasm
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Let's try a little experiment to find out if you really are a faggot. It's not complicated - if you sissygasm before the end of the clip - you're a faggot - I'd like to think this is pretty scientific, right? I mean a straight guy wouldn't fuck himself in the ass until he cum?.. especially if a hot girl was humiliating him and calling him a faggot as he desperately wriggled onto his dildo huh? Do you think that would make YOU cum faggot? I'm pretty sure my experiment is gonna prove to me that you're a faggot - do you think you could prove me wrong?Go ahead then gay-boy, prove me wrong. Mount your dildo to its surface, lube it up and lower yourself onto it. Don't be shy - I want every inch inside you. Do you think a real man would only put his cock in halfway? No, a real man would put his cock ALL the way inside you, faggot. A real man would want to feel totally satisfied by fucking you hard and deep - making you submit to his cock completely. So, fill yourself all the way on your dildo - I want you to feel full of cock when you prove to me that you're a faggot.One last thing faggot - no touching your cock. No jerking off while you're being penetrated. To prove you're 100% faggot you need to sissygasm without any other stimulation - just big hard cock in your ass. Big hard cock in your gay hole while I make fun of you. If you’re straight all this humiliation won't make you cum will it huh? Straight guys don't sissygasm - only faggots. Only a true faggot would cum from lowering himself onto cock while a girl humiliated him. Go on faggot - prove me right and sissygasm with big cock deep in your ass.
Scarlett Louise
06/10/2019 - 17 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Straight Guys Don't Sissygasm - #Sissygasm