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It's unfair isn't it sissy? Locked in your cage so desperate to feel some pleasure. Just one more cum - that's all you want, right? One more chance to feel what it's like to org-spasm. It's unfair that all the other boys are allowed to cum - it's unfair that sissies like you aren't allowed to. It's unfair that you have to stay all locked up just because you're submissive, wear panties, and get humiliated by girls like me. It's all so totally unfair - but y'know maybe Princess could find another way for you to have what you're missing. Maybe there's a fair way for sissies to make their cummies - except not like real men obviously... like through the ass would be ok I guess? Princess will let you GAPEGASM! Uh-huh sissy - you're gonna be my anal-slut just like all the other locked-up pansies and you'll learn to cum from being stretched wide by huge XXW cocks. Gaped to orgasm in your little pink cage haha!

A gapegasm is especially humiliating - perfect for pantied little gurls like you. It's even more emasculating than the kind of sissygasm other sissies get because it's not just about being penetrated - it's about being STRETCHED! It's not about finding your sissy g-spot buried deep in your girly fuck-hole - no, sissy this is about that special ingredient that makes real girls moan with delight - girth! It's about stretching your hole wider and wider with thick dildos to gape your sissy-slut ass to it's limit. You're gonna fill up on monster cocks until you cum, sissy. Bend over and present your sissy ass to your biggest cock - the widest plug. Lift up your frilly petticoats and offer your ass to a big fake cock. Push it in, inch-by-inch, stretch yourself out until you can't take it anymore. Suffer at your gape-limit sissy. I'll make you - I'll supervise and coach you through your first humiliating gapegasm. I'll keep you stretched as your poor locked up failure-stick leaks tears of precum.

You're gonna feel so vulnerable - and so humiliated - your ass stretched to the brink of ruin while I bully you into taking another millimetre - and then another. You're going to be begging and begging me not to put any more cock inside of you - begging me with all your heart... terrified that the next tiny push will split you in half and then... Push bitch! I'm going to make you take more. Anal-sissies don't get to decide how much cock they take - I decide, and if you ever want to cum again you'll take even more until your hole is stretched wide open. You'll learn to gapegasm in your chastity device, sissy or trust me, you'll never get to cum again. I'll make sure of that - I'll keep you locked in that cage and filled up with the biggest ass-stretching plugs I can find until you're trained to leak from being gaped open. You can't jerk off - you can't fuck - but what you can do is gape - stretch and suffer and that's the best you're gonna get sissy!

Added: 03 Sep 2021
Clip Length: 15m 05s