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The Best BJ You'll Never Have
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Poor, poor loser. Your girlfriend has the most perfect blowjob lips in the world - all your friends say so right? Everyone says so - your boss, my ex boyfriends, random guys at the club - everyone knows I have the best Blowjob lips. Everyone knows except you loser because you're the only guy who NEVER EVER gets his cock sucked by these lips. My very own cuckold boyfriend is the only man I have excluded from getting any pleasure from my big pumped-up lips. Your hot girlfriend is handing out blowjobs to everyone you know and you're getting absolutely nothing - aw it's just not fair is it cucky? I kinda feel sorry for you - even cuckold wimps deserve a treat once in a while, right? So, I guess I could give you one tiny pity-blowjob huh? I just don't want you squirting any of your beta-cummies in my mouth so you're gonna have to wear a condom for your blowjob ok cucky? Of course, none of the other guys have to wear a condom but they have delicious Alpha cum - just you. You have to wear a condom - in fact I want you to wear 2 extra safe, extra thick condoms for your best ever blowjob! I know you hate the feel of them on your poor cuckold cock, but you really won't have to worry about that because they're not going on your cock at all. No cuckold - these 2 thick condoms are going over your pink cuckold cock-cage. Haha! Cuckolds don't get their actual cocks sucked! No, your cock is going to be safely locked in this chastity device with 2 thick condoms over it before I go anywhere near your helpless dick. I'm gonna give you the amazing blowjob I'm famous for - you're just not gonna feel the slightest touch of my perfect lips.
Kiki Daniels
13/08/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - The Best BJ You'll Never Have - #teaseanddenial