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The Only Guy Who Can't Fuck Me
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I love it when all your friends come over. I love knowing that with your cock all locked up in chastity - you're the only guy in the house who's incapable of fucking me. None of your friends would ever guess that your hot trophy girlfriend keeps your loser-cock in a pink cage. They have no idea that the key dangling between my perfect cleavage on a pretty necklace is the key to your chastity device. I love flirting with them so much - making sure you can see me playing with the key as I ask to touch their muscles, tell them how good they're looking and rubbing my hot body against them. What are you going to do to stop me throwing myself at your buddies huh? Nothing - not unless you want me to explain what the key is for. Do you want all your friends to know about how I locked your beta-cock in chastity? I don't think so - which is why you'll mind your manners and watch as I cock-tease all your friends. I'll make sure I'm wearing my sluttiest little dress, my sexiest fuck-me heels and definitely no panties. I'm going to look so fuckable - and the only guy in the house that can-t fuck me is you! I want you to watch me whispering to one of your friends and then follow him to the bathroom. I want you to know that I'm making it my mission to fuck as many of your friends as possible. I love that you have to just pretend not to notice. You can't get angry, you can't say a thing, or I'll expose your chastity secret and humiliate you. You'll just watch me sneak off with your friends one-by-one and know that I'm sucking their cocks or fucking them.
Jessie Boulevard
28/04/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - The Only Guy Who Can't Fuck Me - #Chastity