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What Happens Next
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What happens after I hit the 'EXPOSE' button and all your sissy images are blasted off to everyone you know. What happens to your pathetic life next huh? The thrill I get from blackmailing my sissy victims ends when there's no more cash to drain from you. It's fun watching a loser desperately scrape together the last few dollars of his monthly blackmail tribute knowing next month's is going to be impossible to meet. I love this moment - you realise time is up and the inevitable exposure of your sissy secrets is about to happen. You'll beg me, make promises I know you can't keep - offer to do anything for me - just 'please please please don't expose me... blah blah blah'. The problem is, the only thing I enjoy as much as taking your money is ruining your fucking lives. So, when the cash runs out - I get one last kick out of you - the Exposure. Watching your life crumble is hot as fuck! Your wife or girlfriend will be first to find out. She'll be disgusted by your girlie dress-up secrets and hurt that you spent so much money keeping the secret from her. She'll leave you and trust me she'll make sure EVERYONE knows why she's left you. Your work colleagues are next sissy. You'll head in to work to see the girls staring and giggling and the guys looking at you like you're less than a man. They'll be queuing up to fuck your wife now that she's left you. Your social media will be flooded with so-called friends commenting on all the pictures I've tagged you in. You'll be a total laughing stock. And this is just the beginning - your life will be ruined and I'm going to love every second of your destruction.
Miss Maisie
26/10/2018 - 12 minutes
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