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You've Waited A Whole Year
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I'm so proud of you baby - we've been dating a whole year now and you've never been allowed to fuck me. I know how hard it would have been for you because I know how hot I am. I know how much of a tease I can be sometimes too - i actually kinda enjoy making you all desperate and frustrated. You've really proven your love to me this last year - and to prove my love to you I've bought you a little thank you present… I our relationship to move to another level and this is really gonna help... why don't you open it baby... Aw you look confused - don't you know what it is? It's a chastity device baby. I've enjoyed the last year so much I want to make it a permanent thing. You've been kind and considerate, always ready to please me and taking care of my every need. I guess you always thought the nicer you were to me the more likely I'd be to fuck you huh? So, with you locked in this device - you'll be even nicer right? To be honest nice guys aren't for fucking anyway - nice guys are for locking up in chastity. Hot girls like me want to fuck bad boys and that's just not you. If you were a bad boy, you'd have stopped me teasing you in my cute little outfits, pushed me down on the bed and fucked me before now. Instead you patiently waited just like a good boy. Too bad for you nice-boy. Now you're gonna be locked up in chastity for me to tease forever and ever! I'm going to make you my nice-boy cuckold while I fuck all the bad boys I like. You can sit there in your chastity device and mind your manners while real men come over to fuck your total bitch of a girlfriend.
Kiki Daniels
10/12/2018 - 15 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - You've Waited A Whole Year - #chastity