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I know - it really must be horrible for you - all locked away in a little cock-cage. It must be the worst thing for a guy to have to suffer - all scrunched up in that restrictive little device, unable to do anything about it. You can't fuck - you can't touch yourself - you can't even get hard. But hey, look on the bright side, loser... at least you have a hot keyholder, right? Y'see - it's not all bad - you have a super-hot keyholder keeping the key nice and safe... not just for Locktober - but for always! You're so lucky - aren't you? Some losers don't have keyholders anywhere near as hot as me - so even though it seems like you're suffering - it really isn't that bad... Just remember who put you in there - a HOT girl. A young, bratty and seriously fucking teasy HOT keyholder - and you should be SO grateful for that, cage-boi.

Of course, having a hot keyholder might have its drawbacks too, loser. I mean, because I'm so fucking hot - I can't help picking out extra-cute little outfits to show off just how hot I really am... and that's gonna make that cage feel extra tight on your poor little dick all day long, loser. I LOVE cute little tops, oh-so short skirts, pretty heels - all the kinda things that make me feel like a total cock-tease. I can't help it, loser - I just become such a flirty little tease when I'm looking this fucking hot. And that's just too bad for you - because you can't do a thing about it. All you can do is twitch and throb and drool tears of frustration from that little gap in your cage. At least you have a hot keyholder, though, huh? At least you're suffering for a hot-girl. At least your sex-life has been taken away by a hot Princess. At least your pleasure has been forfeited for a HOT brat.

Don't worry, chastity-boi. I'll make sure you NEVER forget just how hot your keyholder is. I'll test out all my new lingerie sets on you, and I'll show off my cute date-night outfits even before my boyfriend gets to see them... You can be my little locked-up outfit tester to help me decide what to wear for my real man - wouldn't you just love that? You can be the lucky chastity-simp that helps me choose the cutest combos to wear for my boyfriend. And when you're feeling jealous, right before he comes to take me out, I'll jingle your keys right under your nose and remind you - at least you have a hot keyholder - and then make you zip up my dress and slip the chastity-key necklace around my neck. You're so lucky chastity boi. My boyfriend may get to fuck me, he may get to touch my cute ass and my perfect tits. He'll get to feel my mouth on his awesome cock, and he'll get to cum over and over again - but don't be jealous, cage-boi... at least you have a hot keyholder.

Added: 04 Dec 2023
Clip Length: 15m 23s