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Cuckolds Arranged Marriage
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Hi I知 Mia and I知 going to be your new wife! Yes, loser this is really happening - you're actually going to marry a girl straight out of your dreams. I知 more beautiful than a wimp like you could ever deserve, I知 pretty, have a hot body, and gorgeous long hair. I知 fucking perfect right? I mean when your friends find out I知 your hot new wife they're gonna be so jealous. Losers like you don't get to marry dreamgirls like me so there's gotta be a catch. I could date hot Alpha gym guys with beach bodies and great looks so why am I hooking up with a fucktard like you? Simple loser - I want a submissive cuckold husband. I want a husband who I can send out to work every hour god sends to fill MY bank account up while I enjoy the kind of lifestyle a princess like me deserves. I want to spend my days shopping with your credit cards, having champagne lunches with my bratty best friend and of course fucking the guys I actually want to fuck. If you think you値l ever get your feeble limp-dick anywhere near your beautiful bride, you can think again. You're going to be nothing more than a cuckold slave to your new hotwife. You'll come home from work and prepare my meal, run me a bath and pamper me as I demand but you'll get nothing but humiliation and rejection in return. You'll watch real men come and go as they please, your bank account draining away and all of my mean girlfriends laughing at the way your beautiful wife treats you. You'll put up with all this abuse won't you cuckold - it's the price a loser like you has to pay to keep a stunning princess like me in your life.
Mia Middleton
18/01/2019 - 14 minutes
pole dancing
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