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Locked Up And Used By Gay Men
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This is the moment I think I love the most - the moment a sissy's fate truly starts to sink in. The moment you realise what ordeal awaits you - there's no point crying about it, sissy. There's no point begging or trying to talk me out of what's going to happen to you - nothing is going to change my mind. I'm going to lock your little dick inside a n emasculating pink chastity device and then I'm going to watch gay men fuck you. One by one, guy after guy will take his place behind your helplessly restrained ass and fuck you until his cum is dripping down your thighs. Your poor caged dick will rock backwards and forwards with every punishing slam of real-man cock into you defenceless ass and I'll be right there to supervise every humiliating moment of your faggot initiation.

Getting fucked by gay men right in front of your dream-girl will be humiliating enough for you - I'm certain of that, but I'm going to make it EVEN MORE humiliating. I'm going to make fun out of your sissy-soft cock, swinging between your legs - unable to get any pleasure as the thick, slimy evidence of other men's pleasure runs down your legs and drips from your well-used ass. I'm going to humiliate you, call you a faggot, and make you admit to me that you enjoy being gang-fucked for my amusement. "Yes Miss - I'm enjoying it so much... I love being fucked by men for your entertainment"... I'll even video it to later remind you of how much fun you had for me. There's gonna be no escaping this humiliation faggot - it only gets more and more degrading as each guy leaves another load inside you.

I'm going to take so many photos, faggot - lots and lots of photos of all the gay men fucking you, videos of your chastity device bouncing around as their balls slam into the little pink cage. After this gang-bang is over - I'll make you relive it over and over again. This will be the first of many nights, I have a whole lifetime of ass-fucking gang-bangs planned for you - and best of all your chastity device will never have to come off. You'll stay locked forever - ready for the next time I want to watch men use you. You'll beg me to let men use you - just so you get to feel some pleasure - pleasure from the relentless ass-fuckings gay men are gonna subject you to - pleasure you're never gonna get from your cock ever again.

Added: 04-09-2022
Clip Length: 13m 02s
Chastity Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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