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I'll Never Make Out With You
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So tell me simpy... do you dream about making out with me? Like, how often? I'm guessing a wimp like you daydreams about kissing girls like me all the time, don't-cha? You can imagine how amazing I'd be at making out can't you loser? Kissing a girl like me - with plump, soft lips like mine would feel so good, huh? You wish I was right there with you - my pretty, glossy lips pouting - slowly parting - offering you that perfect kiss. Of course you do, reject. Of course that would be super-fucking-hot, right? My lips close enough to you to kiss - my face that close to yours - that would be your fucking dream. Actually being close enough to smell my shampoo, to touch my hair, to feel your Princess's pure skin. That would be too much for a simp like you, wouldn't it? I mean, seriously - you couldn't handle that from a girl like me. Think about it for a moment, loser. Think about that kiss. Think about the cute noises I'd make - how my tongue would feel - how my body would press against yours. Oh my god, simply - what would you do for the chance to make that kiss come true huh?

Adorable, right? Making out with me for real would be a beautiful, perfect, dream-come-true - for you. So let me just bring you right back down to earth and give you the reality-check you seem to need right now and remind you that girls like me DO NOT make out with uglies like you. No fucking way - you, simply, are a total fucking loser. I don't want to be in the same room as you let alone touch you or Ew... kiss you! You do not get to kiss girls, loser. Certainly not hot girls like me - I would NE-VER kiss you. I'd NE-VER date you and I'd NE-VER ... E-VER fuck you. You can't kiss me, loser. You'll never get that - not from any girl. Making out is not for losers like you. Sorry sweetie - but that's just the way it is. Girls want nothing to do with you... Definitely not hot girls like me. Girls like me are only for your dreams, loser. Girls like me will only ever kiss uglies like you in your fucking dreams... and even then you'd be fucking lucky to not get rejected and humiliated by us.

It's time to accept that you don't deserve to get kissed. In fact - just so we're clear - you don't deserve anything from girls - no dates, no talking to us, no staring at us in the gym. You don't deserve to get fucked or get your dick sucked and that's just the way it is. I even want you to stop stroking your dick to us - to the thought of us, loser. No jerking to ideas of making out with girls, no jerking to pictures of us in cute outfits, no more jerking - ever. Hands off, okay? You don't deserve to stroke anymore. Do you understand? My dream-girl lips, my pretty, soft, full lips are not for losers like you. No way. Look at them, reject. So glossy. So perfect. Don't they look irresistible, loser? Uh-huh - they do - because that's exactly what they are. You see, simpy? They're so pretty... look at them... and they're not for you, no, no,no. They're not for your enjoyment - you don't even get to stroke to them. You'll never get to make out with them - you'll never get to see them up close and now you're not even allowed to jerk off to the fantasy of them. xx

Added: 18-03-2024
Clip Length: 16m 09s
Rejection Humiliation

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