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I'm Gonna Fuck The 'Man' Out Of You
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You're not a man - you're a pathetic, beta-wimp sissy-faggot. You're not a man at all and I'm going to prove it to you by fucking whatever 'man' you think you are... right out of you. Bend the fuck over you little bitch and prepare to be fucked with my 'man' removal cock! I'm going to start by making you suck it - open your fucking mouth and accept the big, realistic cock into your faggot throat - I want to drive every inch down as you gag and tear-up with shame. Every inch faggot - have a point to prove with you and that means you'll take every fucking inch of it. Do you still think you have even a single ounce of you manhood left faggot? After a big life-like cock has been down your throat? After you sucked it - pretending to pleasure it like it was attached to a real man? You still think there's some 'man' left in you? Well if that's true, faggot, you're about to lose it forever because I'm going to make you take this cock in your gay-boi ass. Lift your bottom in the air for me faggot, spread your legs wide apart and bite your pillow because this cock is going inside you - all of it. Are you ready faggot? Are you ready to give up being a man forever? I'm gonna fuck the man out of you and teach you a lesson you pathetic little faggot. I'm gonna fuck you like a train and watch you struggle with every brutal thrust. I'm not going to go easy on you bitch - fucking the man out of you needs to be done deep and hard. You'll NEVER see yourself as a man again after I'm done with you. Nobody will - after you've had the man fucked out of you, you'll walk with your head down in shame and you'll never look a hot girl like me in the eye EVER again.
Jessie Boulevard
04/11/2019 - 17 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - I'm Gonna Fuck The 'Man' Out Of You - #Pegging