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OMG HaHa! Is Your Cock Locked Up
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Lucky, lucky boy! One of your friends has ordered you the hottest, high-class escort money can buy! Oh my god the things I知 gonna do to you tonight! I知 going to dance for you, strip for you, give you the ultimate blowjob and make you feel like a king in the bedroom tonight! Just as soon as I get your big cock out of your pants... Ummm - what the actual fuck is that? OMG, are you wearing a fucking chastity device! Aw - well this is such a shame isn't it. You've got a beautiful girl ready to live out your ultimate fantasies and your poor cock is all caged away in some sort of chastity device. You can't do anything with me at all. You can't even get hard just THNKING about all the things I'd do to you Haha! What a pathetic situation to find yourself in huh? Well I知 already here, I've been paid, and I知 feeling like having some fun, so I guess that means I'll have to find a way of enjoying myself... even if you can't! Instead of having your dream girl sucking your cock you're going to be totally humiliated and teased until your helpless cock is drooling precum. I知 gonna sit right on top of you in my pretty lingerie and get ready to meet another guy in the lobby bar. You can feel my perfect bottom wriggling around on you while I put on my makeup and giggle at your suffering beneath me. Too bad for you loser - you could have had me tonight but instead you're being used as my comfy cuckold seat while I make myself look hot for another man and all you get is desperate frustration.
Mia Middleton
23/12/2018 - 14 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - OMG HaHa! Is Your Cock Locked Up - #chastity