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One of the best things about being a Cruel Girlfriend is that the other girls LOVE to share their humiliation ideas. We get together on webcam most nights and talk about what humiliating predicaments we've put our sissies in, what techniques we've found to emasculate our cuckolds further, where we can find more secure chastity devices and how best to train our more reluctant forced-bi faggots. A whole bunch of the CruelGirlfriend team were on webcam a few nights ago and we had this amazing idea! We thought it would be fucking hilarious to dress you up in some girlie-as-can-be lingerie, get you looking as sissy as possible and then to fuck you live on webcam for all of us to see! You're gonna be made to look so pretty- panties, bra, stocking and suspenders all in some ultra-feminine pastel colour with bows and frills. I'll fix your makeup to make you look so girlish. Big flase eyelashes and bright pink lipstick - you'll look perfect! I'll make you wear a long blonde wig and then I'll tie you up in front of the webcam. You can look into the camera or stare at the hot girls who are on the screen - all of whom are watching you and waiting for your total emasculation to begin. Then I'm going to push my big hard strap-on cock into your soft girlish ass. Listen to everyone laughing at you getting pegged LIVE on cam. All the girls giggling at your utter humiliation. I'm going to power-fuck you for everyone to see. There's gonna be nowhere to hide sissy - you can only look into the camera as I fuck you over and over again from behind until you leak out a humiliating losergasm!

Added: 09 Apr 2018
Clip Length: 12m 56s