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So I guess your girlfriend will be at the airport by now loser - jetting off on her month long girls holiday. How was it for you - helping her pack all the tiny little bikinis and slutty outfits knowing she's gonna be having sex with so many hot guys while she's away. It must have torn your poor cuckold heart into pieces as you neatly folded all those sexy lingerie sets into her suitcase - she's gonna be wearing them for other guys while you have been left home all locked away in chastity. Boo fucking hoo loser. If you were a real man you'd be at the airport with your little princess right now but instead your being humiliated by the hot 'Chastity Inspector' your girlfriend has hired to keep a check on you. Your girlfriend has hired me to check up on you once a week and guess who's paying my fee loser? Now why don't you drop your pants and show me the chastity cage your girlfriend has you locked up in. OMG it's SO small! Your girlfriend is so fucking spiteful to you! She's left you in the smallest sized device! Look at it it's tiny! Your poor little balls are gonna be in so much pain by the time I'm done with you cuckold. It's no good begging me to let you out loser - I might have to call your girlfriend and tell her. How about I offer you a deal loser for every 1 I rinse from your wallet I'll give you 1 second free from chastity. Hand over your wallet cuckold... So a deal's a deal loser - I'll unlock you for a whole 50 seconds and I'll let you jerk off - are you gonna be able to cum in just 50 little seconds? If you can't you know you're gonna be locked right back up in chastity don't you? Maybe I'll tease you a little to get you really horny before I unlock you huh?

Added: 01 Sep 2019
Clip Length: 15m 02s