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Watch Yourself Turning Gay
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It's so much fun destroying the egos of closet faggots in denial. You're all the same - trying to convince me and yourselves that you wouldn't ever allow a girl to make you do something gay. Yeah right - you're not a submissive cock-sucking weakling - you just like a girl to take control once in a while. I'm going to turn you gay - it doesn't matter what you say. Not only will you be sucking cock like a back-alley whore - but you're gonna be taking cock in your ass like a fucking porn-star for me. You can keep telling yourself you're straight a I literally force you to watch yourself being turned gay. Let’s see how you like being turned into a faggot in front of a mirror as I fuck you with my strap-on. Bound-up tightly and bent over the arm of my thrown with my panties balled up and gagged in your mouth - you'll have no choice but to take your faggot-turning pegging. I'll make you watch yourself getting fucked gay. No straight guy would have a big strap-on cock rammed deep in his ass, right? Only a fag would take this kind of abuse - only a fag would cum from being pounded full of cock, right? You're going to witness the moment you turn gay - the moment your cock betrays you and cums from nothing else but being fucked in the ass. Try to tell me you're straight after you've leaked cum all over the arm of my thrown. I'm going to fuck you so hard with ALL my big realistic cocks - and when you cum I'm going to HUMILIATE you for it. You're going to understand that only a genuine - cock loving faggot would cum from being fucked in the ass like this. Tell me you're not gay then macho-man!
Daisy Dillon
25/01/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Watch Yourself Turning Gay - #ForcedBi