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Paying In Panties
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You know what would make your pathetic life of findom worship even more pathetic and humiliating for you, piggie? Panties! I mean, hear me out, wasting your life paying beautiful girls like me money just because we're super-hot and superior and bratty and bossy is one thing - but doing it in panties - that's a whole extra level of pathetic. That's why I'm gonna make EVERY public cash-meet at the ATM a totally embarrassing 'Paying In Panties' event for you from now on. Uh-huh - so when I want some more cash from you, I'll tell you what ATM to go to and you'll wait there for me. I'll stride up to you and make you withdraw my money and that's where the humiliation begins for you. ''Are you wearing your Pink Piggie-Panties you fucking sissy?'' I'll snap at you - nice and loudly so that everyone around us can hear. And before you even have the chance to blush - I'll tell you to show me - ''Show me your Panties, sissy!''. And you'd better fucking well be wearing them you little pansy otherwise you'll get the public dressing down of your life - right there at the ATM.

Of course you'll be wearing them - you'll wear whatever I tell you, isn't that right piggie? You'll turn up to that ATM wearing the exact shade of pink panties, the exact girly style of panties, in the exact material I told you to wear. If I told you to wear baby-pink, ruffled foo-foo panties to the ATM, you'd spend all day browsing the racks at the lingerie store for the perfect pair to be rinsed in. If I told you to wear a hot-pink lace thong - you'd hunt that little garment out for your account-draining cash-meet with your findom dream girl wouldn't you? And then you get to pay me - you get to hand over all your money right after I've made you prove to me that you're wearing them. And I'll fucking humiliate you for it too. As you're counting all that cash out and placing into the palm of my hand - I'll humiliate you for Paying In Panties. ''This is what you get for being a sissy - you have to Pay your Panty Tax''... That's right - you have to pay your panty-tax you little findom sissy!

And you know what, Panty-Piggie? Paying In Panties isn't gonna just mean cash-meets where you get to hide a cute pair of frilly pink panties under your boy-clothes. No, no, no, sissy. That's just the start... the next time I command you to an ATM, you'll be wearing a matching bra... and the next time stockings and suspenders... and then maybe some nail polish or some lipstick or some heels... and guess what - soon enough you'll be made to come to the ATM dressed fully as a girl - a maid, a cheerleader, a slut... Before long Paying In Panties will mean a total feminization public humiliation experience for you - being bullied by a bratty findom princess right at the ATM - made to withdraw your cash and hand it all over to me while I emasculate you in front of everyone. ''Look at this Pay-Piggie-Princess - dressed like a slutty schoolgirl - in pigtails and little pleated skirt ... watch her hand over her pocket money - give it to me girlie!''

Added: 15-03-2024
Clip Length: 16m 03s
Feminization Findom Public Humiliation

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