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Sarcastic Sympathy For Being made To Suck Cock
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Aw no - he did what to you, sweetie? He made you suck his cock?... Aw that's SO terrible for you - I'm SO sorry he did that to you!.. Aw poor baby - I truly feel guilty for leaving you here with him - I feel terrible - he actually made you suck his cock over and over again? Aw tell me all about it - I want to know every detail my poor little cock-sucker!.. He bullied you? That's so mean of him - I really am so sorry... and then what did he do to you, huh?.. He told you to kneel down and take his cock out of his pants? He's such an asshole to you! And then what? Did he push his big hard cock into your mouth? Aw he did didn't he? He turned you into his fucking cock-sucking bitch... That's so cruel of him!.. And then? Sweetie? What next? Tell me!.. He told you to suck his balls?... To work harder? To pretend that you love it... Poor you!.. I bet you feel like such a faggot right now huh? Yeah?... That's too bad!...

He slapped you with his cock? Are you serious? He literally slapped his big, thick cock around your face while you were kneeling in front of him - that must have been so emasculating for you? Did you feel used, sweetie? Did he make you feel like an object - like a sex-toy - his personal fleshlight? Aw you didn't deserve that! Poor you! He beat you with his cock and made you beg him to suck it - that's SO humiliating! He really is such a bully... And you begged him, right?... You did as he told you - and you begged for his cock? Show me how you begged him, sweetie - I wanna know how you begged that man for his cock... Were you meek and pathetic while you begged him or were you desperate and eager - show me... Aw - he made you do it in that pathetic kinda way - I'm sorry, sweetie. And what else happened?.. tell me? He took out his camera and filmed you - Aw I really hate him for that!... He wanted to record you sucking his cock so he could share it didn't he? He wanted everyone to soo you doing this - I can't believe he did that to you!

He called you a faggot didn't he? While he was recording you sucking his cock and licking his balls - he called you a faggot? Aw that must have hurt you so much, right? Did the mean bully hurt your feelings, cocksucker? He's so mean to you!.. And he made you admit it too? He made you admit you were a faggot? You must feel so ashamed now - I can't even imagine... And what else? What else did he make you do? Did he fuck your throat? Did he make you gag? Did he make you cry? Aw I'm sure he did - it was such a humiliating experience for you - nobody would blame you for crying... And did you make him cum? Oh no! That's so emasculating - you sucked him until he came? That really is the worst for you! And where did the cum go, cock-sucker?.. In your mouth? Over your face? Both? Did he cover you in it? Did he fill your throat? And then?.. Awwww, sweetie ... he made you swallow it didn't he? That's terrible - yuck...

Added: 18-02-2024
Clip Length: 15m 24s
Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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