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A Boyfriend For A Sissy
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I want you to have a boyfriend sissy - yes I've decided, I'm going to get you a boyfriend. I know what's best for you sissy so before you start selfishly whining and complaining about not being gay and that you're only into girls - I've already made my mind up - I want you to have a boyfriend. I want to enjoy watching you struggle with this sissy. From the shopping trip to pick out a cute outfit for your date, getting ready for him to pick you up - to your date. I want this for you sissy - I want you to experience this prolonged, intense, feminized humiliation. I have just the man in mind for you, sissy, he's assertive, experienced - an older man. He'll make the perfect boyfriend for a shy little pansy like you. I'll arrange a little date for you both for tonight. Well go to the mall together and find something pretty to impress him - a short skirt, a pretty blouse, some heels. You want to look your best for your new boyfriend don't you sissy?

We'll spend the whole day getting you ready. We'll take you to the salon to get your hair, nails and lashes done. We'll tell all the bratty salon-girls about your new boyfriend and that it's your very first date as a full sissy girl - just so they'll make you look extra special for him. I want you to have long blonde hair in beautiful curls, XXL lashes and hot-pink nails to match your lipstick and the daring little date-night outfit we chose for you. I'll go all out on your make-up sissy - I want you to look super-pretty and ultra girly for your boyfriend. I know you're going to be so nervous sissy - that's only natural - especially as it's a blind date. You're going to be so frightened as you wait for him to arrive - but I want you to know that I'll be enjoying every second of this. I'll enjoy seeing the fear on your face as you wait in your tiny skirt, your tall heels your little purse in your hands. I'll tease you sissy - just to scare you even more...

And then he'll knock on the door to pick you up sissy. Your very first date with a real man - I can't wait to hand you over to him - I can't wait to see him take you away and watch you wiggle in your heels as you desperately try to maintain your girlish posture. You're on your own now sissy - no-one to help you or rescue you from this humiliation - you're all his for the night... and I mean the whole night sissy! I'm locking the door - so you'd better make sure he likes you sissy! You're going to be all the girl he wants you to be - whatever he has planned for you. You're gonna flirt with him and be cute and feminine - all through the date. I've put so much work into making you look like a real girl - I know he's gonna want to see you on the end of his cock sissy. Whether he expects you to crawl under the table to suck him while he enjoys a bourbon in a strip-club, wants to bend you over and fuck your sissy-hole in the restroom of a club or take you home for something even more adventurous - you'll agree sissy - he's your boyfriend after all, right?

Added: 12-12-2021
Clip Length: 14m 34s
Feminization Humiliation Bi Humiliation

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