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Date-funding Cuck-piggie
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You can drool all you like Mr boner pants, but I'll never date you and I'll certainly never fuck you. Check your label loser, you are made from 100% cuckold material not boyfriend material. A girl like me can spot a cuckold like you a mile away. You think nobody would guess your need to be submissive - but cuckolds might as well have the word tattooed on their foreheads. Your inferiority to other men is so obvious to hot girls like me. You're intimidated by beautiful women. You don't just think we're hot like an Alpha male does, you worship us! You put us on a pedestal and allow us to dominate you. You're a cuckold - and that's just fine with me. You may never get to fuck the girls of your dreams, but you will always have a purpose to us. My favourite way of emasculating a cuckold is by making him take care of every aspect of my dates with real men. You'll buy my full date-night outfit. I'll add it to my Wishlist, and you'll add it to your basket. I'll pick the perfect dress to tease my date with, a cute pair of heels and of course a hot lingerie set, and you'll click 'Buy Now' as you imagine how good I'm gonna look in it all. Next I want you to book a table at the restaurant - I'll decide where we're going - you'll make the reservation and make sure there's Champagne on the table when we arrive. You'll be funding all my dates cuckold. You'll pay for the meal the limo our drinks EVERYTHING. That's just what cuckolds do. Just because you don't get to date girls like me - it doesn't mean you don't pay for us. This is your role in life now - you're my date-funding cuckold-piggie.

Added: 19-07-2019
Clip Length: 14m 03s
Cuckolding Findom Humiliation Rejection

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