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Of course I'm cheating on you - I'm hotter than you deserve, younger than you deserve and fitter than you deserve. Of course I'm fucking other men - I don't even try to hide it. In fact, I want to get caught. I want you to feel the stomach-turning jealousy when you catch sight of HIM with his hand on my ass. This is the relationship I want with you - you're going to be my submissive cuckold boyfriend - we'll live, pretty much, just like a regular couple. You'll work hard and bring your paychecks home to me. You'll worship and serve me and treat me like the princess I am. In exchange - I will be a complete bitch to you. You will watch me take great delight in cheating on you with so many men. I'll even ask them to pick me up from home, so you have to witness me greeting them with a passionate kiss, their hands all over your girlfriend. I'll humiliate you right in front of my date - telling you not to wait up for me and that if you're lucky I'll bring home his used condoms to play with. I'm going to love rubbing my infidelity in your face allowing my lovers to mock you for taking your girlfriend away from you. I want you to watch me leave in my shortest micro-dress and fuck-me heels with another man's hand on my ass. Listen to me flirting and giggling with him about you - telling him you're just my subby cuckold boyfriend. I know it totally breaks your heart seeing me having so much fun with other men but you're gonna have to get used to it - I enjoy cheating on you. I enjoy making you jealous and I love humiliating you for having to assume a pathetic cuckold status in our relationship. Boo-hoo cucky!

Added: 12 May 2019
Clip Length: 13m 06s