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Stroke It Till It's Gone
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It's gonna shrink away to a teeny-tiny pee-pee bump as you pinch and stroke for me loser. Pinch that failure-cock with two fingers and stroke it - and as you do - it's not gonna grow like a real-man's... it's gonna shrink, loser! The more you pinch, and stroke and try to get hard for me... the smaller that 'lil cock will become. The smaller it'll feel between your fingers - the smaller you'll imagine it to be. It's getting so small, loser - it's getting smaller and smaller every time you jerk-off. It's not going to be long and there will be nothing left for you to jerk at all!.. It's disappearing as you rub it - but don't you dare fucking stop - jerk your cock away - edge for me - stare at the girl you'll never ever get - knowing your failure-cock would be WAY too small to please me. You could NEVER, you're just a failure with a small cock. A small cock that's getting smaller and smaller every time I tell you to stroke it.

Pinch it tighter, you 'lil failure - keep jerking that little runt-dick while you drool over the pretty girl you'll never get because you're way too small. I like men with BIG cocks. All girls do, loser - We don't want wimps with small cocks and guess what?... you're a wimp with a small cock! Pinch it for me - pinch and rub it up and down as I tell you how it's shrinking and shrinking. Believe my words loser - believe me when I tell you that girls don't want small cocks like yours... and it's getting even smaller as you stroke for me isn't it?.. So why don't you stop, huh? Why are you still stroking if it's gonna leave you with nothing? Keep going loser - stroke it 'till it's gone - do it for me - keep stroking - ruin your dick for all girls. Stroke it away - it's what we all want for you. We want you to lose your cock for good - believe what I am saying - your failure-cock is getting even smaller the more you pinch and stroke for me.

This is so final for you - I'm taking away the last hope you ever had of finding a girl to pity-fuck you. I'm making you stroke your cock til it's gone for good - keep going loser - ruin your cock. stroke it the fuck away. Say goodbye to pussy forever - nobody will ever want to fuck you by the time you've stroked your cock away. I want you so small and pathetic you'll be too ashamed to even look at it again. Stroke and cry as it disappears loser - your cock is shrinking to nothing and you're too weak to stop it. Keep pinching and stroking - imagine the voices of pretty girls making fun of you - the sound of girlish giggling - our mocking laughing at your teeny-tiny cock. Imagine our faces, giggling as we see your tiny bump of a cock. You stroked it all away loser - you'll never get a girl now. hahaha!

Added: 24-10-2022
Clip Length: 14m 38s
Small Penis Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation

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