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You little virgin bois are so fucking easy to trick! Even though you knew I was far too good for you, you're still fell into my trap - just like every other sucker who's ended up in the same predicament as you. A pretty girl invites you back to her hotel room - like how many times have you got that lucky before huh? Like never? But you were so blinded by my hot body and pretty face - you didn't even question your good fortune. Seriously, idiots like you deserve everything that you get. A hot girl in a cute outfit is all over you and you didn't suspect a fucking thing?.. well boo-hoo for you loser - because you're really gonna pay for being such an idiot. I was paid to come on to you. I was paid to lure you back here and I was paid to slip a little something into your drink. In just a moment you're gonna pass out and when you wake up - the reason for all this will become clear!

Look, I know it's a shock and I know you're going to be angry, but you need to stay calm. Nothing you do or say is going to change what's happened to you - or what is going to happen. It's not personal - it's just business. I was paid to lure you back here to be feminized. And OMG you actually look amazing - especially in the cute outfit they asked you to be dressed in. Who'd have thought you'd have made such a good anime schoolgirl! I admit - I do feel a little sorry for you, sissy. You have no idea how serious the trouble you're in right now. There are so many guys waiting to turn you into a forced-bi fuck-dolly. A straight-sucker virginboi, tricked, and feminized and ready to be used by a room full of gay men.

You came back here expecting to get fucked and that's exactly what's gonna happen sissy - except the only thing I'll be doing is watching and filming the whole thing. There are a lot of men who are going to get their chance to fuck a genuinely forced-feminized sissy. Dressed up in your pretty school skirt for men to use you over and over, one at a time, or two at a time and I get to see them smash your sexuality into pieces. One after another, men will lift your little skirt and fuck you. One after another ,cocks will be pushed into your mouth for you to suck. And as each one fills your body with cum you'll see me laughing at your humiliating ordeal with my camera recording every embarrassing second.

Added: 31 Aug 2020
Clip Length: 14m 25s