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Jamie Knight

Remember the evil Russian Femme Fatale from the movies? Remember how she lures the weaker sex in with her beautiful long dark hair and big brown eyes. Remember how she uses her dream-girl body to make her victims do whatever she says. Remember how she coldly tortures her prey before she disposes of them as soon as they've exhausted their purpose?.. I'm like that bitch.. only twice as fucking cruel and twice as fucking hot! You losers think that Russian girls want to find western men to escape a life in the East - no loser, western men are just so much easier to manipulate and use. Western men are weak and gullible. Western men make the best pets, paypigs, sissies, cuckolds, and faggots for Russian girls. You're not a prize to us, you're nothing but something to exploit and you're gonna find out just how good we are at doing it loser!